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Testing of depth propagation in YUVsoft DepthPropagation and Dimenco @depth.

Immediately tell some starting points:
1. During testing, I compared only the result of the work on propagation of the depth map between keyframes.
2. While working on a large project is not possible to select individual settings for each shot. Therefore, we used the following settings:
@depth: default
DepthPropagation: step = 2; depth smothing mode = double bilateral; depth correction; propagation from previous frame; depth smoothing radius = 5;
3. We usually use minimum amount of keyframes in each shots (often the first and last frames).
4. Source - bmp after applying noise reduction.
5. Keyframes are drawn with not enough quality.
I will try to reveal the reasons for these preconditions in the following articles.

Unfortunately, trial was extremely limited.
I rendered only one shot.
Shot duration is 98 frames. In the picture there are the movement of objects and camera movement.
Keyframes: 1,45,98
Download sequences
To tell the truth the results of both algorithms are not impressive.
But in my subjective opinion DP results is much better.