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I have wide experience in the development, implementation of new technologies in areas such as the conversion of 2D to 3D, interactive systems, web technologies. I am always ready to discuss participation in any project related to IT and innovation.

A few words about me:

I graduated from IISM SUM Moscow. My specialty is information management.

In 2008 I worked in company Beyond Media. I was tuning interactive systems Living Surface (Vertigo), and was creating unique effects of these systems on the basis of a basic set of effects. In addition, our team has also worked to create content for autostereoscopic displays Philips (2D + Z).

Later I continued to work in 3dtv vision, and then to the Hive Studio (Azimut International).
During this period, I was interested conversion 2D to 3D.
Main tasks in Hive Studio:
- Realization of technical ideas and concepts with the use of innovative technologies (solutions based on autostereoscopic displays, Microsoft Kinect, interactive systems using flash, silverlight)
- Work with the branch in Serbia, partners in Kazakhstan (Kazakfilm) and China (China Film Group)
- CFGC staff training in Beijing (China) (long business trips)
- Establishing infrastructure in Belgrade (Serbia) (long business trips)
- Conversion 2D to 3D (management of technical part of the projects, optimization of the workflow). A thorough understanding of the entire process, right up to the duties of any employee, which significantly facilitates the development and optimization
- Project management software development for conversion (the result of a collaboration - YUVsoft 2D to 3D Suite)
- Development of own software DepthCreator to automate the process converting 2D to 3D using YUVsoft DepthPropagation and drawing the depth map. The programming language is VB. NET
- The organization of the infrastructure to work with 2K video (network, raid, backup)
- Implementation of the system of project management
Through my constant work on the automation and optimization of the workflow the company has implemented a series of successful projects in stereoscopic and had a great competitive advantage.

I worked on position Head of IT department at NES.
- Conducted reorganization of the IT department
- To carry out the move in Skolkovo
- Created the infrastructure in the new campus
- Implemented IP-telephony (asterisk)
- Upgraded to Windows 2012 R2
- Made a plan, run fault-tolerant server group (Hyper-V)
- Launched the video surveillance system (Hikvision, trassir)
- Conducted the first stage of electronic document circulation (payment requests) (python)
- Management of Helpdesk service
- Support and completion of LMS (perl, mssql)
- Implementing of electronic document circulation (python)
- Information security
- Provision of services 365/24/7
- The organization of video surveillance (Hikvision, trassir)
I realized the beginning of education processes of NES in the new school campus in Skolkovo, reconstruction of the existing network, the renewal of equipment and implementation of IP-telephony in the ultra-short deadlines with a limited budget. The infrastructure includes a local area network based on managed switches D-link, WiFi network based on Mikrotik, IP-telephony based on Asterisk and Panasonic.

I constantly involved in creation of own support software, and as the leadership of research and development by our company. Examples of my software: remote control system of network broadcast based on displays Philips; software to automate the process of converting 2D to 3D using YUVsoft products and software for drawing the depth map.

phone: +79263706323
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
skype: yakon_rus
ICQ: 27854050