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I want to present you DepthDraw.
It is designed for fast drawing of depth maps of individual images, such as keyframes.

The first version was released in mid-2011. It was written based on the prototype Depthtool from Philips. I was needed own program with a similar interface, in which it would be easy to draw gradients on objects.

Later DepthDraw was included in the DepthCreator.

Today I separated DepthDraw back as a separate product and removed protection.

You can download and use it for non-commercial purposes.

Unfortunately, I have not written instructions to it. If you have questions, write to me, i will try to help.

Updated (31.01.2014). Updated archive. l added dll to it from MS Office 2010, without which the program will not work correctly if you have not installed Office.
Forgot to specify that required .NET Framework 4.0

DepthDraw 1a
DepthDraw 2a

Updated ( 2/12/2014 ) . At the request write a small tutorial :

1. Open image - open an image for which you want to draw a map of depth.
2. Draw contour of the desired object by simply making clicks by the mouse. Left button puts new point. Right - closes contour.
3 . Customize the contour gradient .
4 . Repeat operations 2-3 for all objects.
5 . Save frame - saves the depth map in the file with name sourcename_depth.png

Interface elements :
1. View - view mode (only the image, combining image and depth map, only the depth map .
When displaying mix of image and depth map you can adjust the transparency of the depth map (slider opacity).
2. Draw - the blending mode of the current layer (top of all layers, overlay by depth, underneath all the layers) .
3 . Gradient - type of gradient (solid, circular, linear, parabolic with two colors, parabolic with three colors) .
4. Location - shift of the center of the linear and parabolic gradients.
5. Curve - curvature of linear and parabolic gradients.
6. Color1 - Color3 - colors of gradient. Solid - color1. Circular: Center - color1, edge - color2, etc.
7. Edges - transparent edge (checkbox - enable, slider - dimensions) .
8. Step - step for changes of the values of text fields using the mouse scroll wheel.
9. Angle - the angle of slope of the linear and parabolic gradients.
10 Center: button - reset value of location of the center of the circular gradient, fields - coordinates of the center.

In the Help menu has a list of hotkeys, significantly accelerating the process of drawing.
Program has the possibility to move, to enable / disable layers.
Current layer is highlighted in red. Changes of the settings of the gradient applied to the current layer.