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I had idea of ​​the interactive presentation in 3D.
As the contactless manipulator was chosen Microsoft Kinect for Windows.
As the display - Dimenco 3D display 42 ".
It turned out that the Kinect SDK works in .NET Framework 4.0
Dimenco DirectX Vizualizer - the reincarnation of the dll from Philips. And consequently fully working in Windows XP with DirectX 9.
It was decided to create an application in XNA.
Additionally Microsoft Speech Platform has been connected because was needed support of the Russian language.
Source of project of test version can be downloaded here.
To use the project you need: Visual Studio 2010, XNA 4.0, Microsoft Speech Platform v11, ru-Ru language, Kinect SDK 1.6
The project shows how to implement a presentation at Dimenco 3D display similar to the demo BasicInteraction-WPF in Developer Toolkit for Kinect.